The Ph Labs Community

Here are the people and organizations who support and inspire the work at Ph Labs.

Phoebe France

Phoebe France runs Ph Labs as a small business with the help of the community listed here. She started the organization in 2007 in order to focus on projects that explore the boundaries between new media, information management, and archaeological methods and theory. Through a desire to bring together ideas from different realms of practice, France has had the opportunity to work on a series of engaging projects with her friends, mentors, and students over the last five years. Her current projects at Ph Labs are working to create online support for international research communities and to facilitate research processes.

Exobi Interactive

Exobi Interactive provides technical support for the projects at Ph Labs. In particular, Jessica Yazbek assists in WordPress and PHP development. Her commitment to helping non-profits, digital artists, and video arts create professional online spaces has resulted in numerous examples of successful development strategies.

Alexandria Archive Institute

Sarah and Eric Kansa have helped Ph Labs navigate the realm of online archaeological research. Their vision of the future of online publication helps define the direction of technical decisions on Ph Labs projects, and their enthusiasm for academic research motivates a high standard of rigor in development logistics and in the presentation of online research to the public.

Bruce Tomb

Rewriting the code for according to semantic web standards was Ph Labs' first web development project, and partnership with Tomb created the foundation for all future Ph Labs projects. His artistic vision, creative drive, and native curiosity for all things archaeological allowed Ph Labs to take shape organically through thought-provoking conversation and the practice of being a maker.

Chris Blow

Chris Blow, Director of User Experience at Meedan, regularly provides insight into user experience and web design at Ph Labs. His design, research, and development skills demonstrate what is possible in online international collaborative projects.